Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days... I'm just slugging away at all my leftovers. Musty has been doing his own thing for the last few meals (especially since I don't even get home from teaching until 9 pm on tuesday and wednesday)... so that means I've been in charge of eating all those black bean-sweet potato cornucopias and all those black-eyed peas with greens. Phew! I'm almost done. I think I've got one more lunch of peas and greens, and then tonight I'll make something new for dinner. :)

Leftovers are really great. I sometimes feel disappointed if I spend a bunch of time cooking and then Musty isn't crazy about it, just because it's not as fun. But, the great thing is that then he doesn't go and eat it all! Two nights in a row of not having to make dinner, and still getting to eat something delicious and healthy?! Score! Plus, there are hardly any dishes to look after, and with our dishwasher on the fritz, that makes a nice difference.

I have grand visions of doing some fun cooking this weekend... so hopefully you'll see some nice goodies here.



  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I get really sad when I cook something and Marty doesn't like it. Fortunately, he'll eat anything. Even if he's not that fond of it. The only exception was this really terrible orange juice carrot soup I made one time. Even I didn't eat it. Yuck! But still, I put all this time and effort into it and I want him to like it and he's like, meh. So then I almost don't want him to eat it and I want to save it all for myself but he eats it anyway. It's actually a good thing he's such a garbage disposal because I get sick of leftovers after just a couple of days. 3 is probably my max. :)

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Hi, Amey! Sorry I haven't been able to get by in a while, but you've obviously been cooking up lots of great food. I would have eaten all of the blackeyed peas and greens - yum!

    I love leftovers and/or morphing them into something else. It kills me to have to throw something out!

    Happy New Year to you!

    - Diann

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Like Crystal's husband, Marty, I'm the human garbage disposal in our house! I go to extremes to not waste any food, and luckily, I just love leftovers. My favorite is cold/savory leftovers for breakfast the next day (think pasta, pizza, etc.) Sorry if that grosses you out!

    Don't worry about not posting- all of us need a break every now and then, and your last few posts have been so fabulous!

  4. Hi VivV,
    Sorry to hear about your carrot oj soup disaster. Isn't it weird how we get disappointed? Even if I don't really like something, I hate it when Musty doesn't like it. Nice that he's a big eater! Musty will eat TONS if he likes something, but nothing if he doesn't like it. Then he goes and makes macaroni and cheese, which really bums me out!

    Hi Diann,
    Thanks for dropping by. :) I know, I also hate throwing away food... I'll eat it even if it's not very tasty at all. :) Happy new Year to you too!!

    Hi Bazu,
    Hee hee, you don't gross me out! But I'm not much of a cold savory for breakfast person... I like cereal or fruit or crepes... goodies like that. I guess I have an incurable sweet tooth!



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