Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 Vegan Odds 'n' Ends

1. New Vegan Shoes!
I got these cool shoes called "Mions" on sale last week. Musty has had a pair for about a year and a half now and he just won't shut up about how wonderful they are. You can't really see it in this picture, but they are a really pretty dark purple color. They aren't necessarily the cutest things in the world, but after watching Musty wear them all this time, I've gotten used to it. However, they are really cool: the company is very committed to the environment, they float in the water, and they are comfy! I couldn't get Snoopy out of the way, so I just decided to include him in the picture. He's so cute!

2. Restaurant Review: Aqua Bleu

The other night, we were feeling adventurous, and wanted to try a restaurant that we hadn't been to before. We ended up at Aqua Bleu, in downtown Santa Cruz. I ordered the Korean Salad with tofu. It was really good. It was also excessively HUGE. I triumphed over the hardship, and managed to nearly finish it off, but really it would be better to split it with someone. The tofu was really nicely prepared: Big thick grilled tofu steaks that had a subtle but well-sufficient flavor, and a lovely texture. The salad was full of veggies: brocolli, sprouts, carrots... It was a nice combo of fresh salad with warm, grilled tofu. The dressing was flavorful, and not overwhelming. I think I would happily go back and eat it again, although it was pretty expensive ($15 I think!)... so that's a bit of a downer. On a non-vegan note, Musty ordered a Salmon Linguine entree that came with a GIANT plate of pasta, with a big hunk of fish on top. He said the fish was very well-prepared, but he was pretty shocked to get a huge plate of carbs in cream sauce without a single vegetable in sight. Even an omni wants a veggie every once in a while!

3. Musty's Birthday!
Musty recently had his birthday. Happy Birthday Big Bug! Musty's most favorite dish in the whole entire world is SPAGHETTI. So, when I was in Palo Alto recently, I went into a fancy Italian store and got him 3 very fun spaghetti variations. YUM. He was quite delighted. It was pricey, but a fun gift, and I suppose it's worth it for a treat every once in a while.


  1. cool pastas! I'm always looking at creatively shaped versions and wishing they were regularly priced, ah well. Definitely a lovely treat, though! (my favourite so far were these black and white striped gigantic farfalles, ooooh they were so cool!)

  2. Cute shoes!! And Snoopy is even cuter :-)
    That salad does look huge! And what fun pasta shapes. Hope you share what yall end up making with them. Happy birthday Musty!

  3. Cute shoes indeed! And what a great look your dog has!

  4. new shoes + photogenic Snoopy + great restaurant meal + fun birthday gifts for Musty = so many awesome things happening for you! :0)

  5. thanks for the restaurant recommendation! i (vegan) just moved to santa crus with my boyfriend (non-vegan) and we are always looking for good food! we really like mobo sushi, dharmas, cafe brazil, and the greek place across from cafe brazil.

  6. Snoopy is adorable!
    Happy Birthday to Musty!!!

  7. I like your shoes! There's nothing better than finding cute vegan shoes :)

  8. I like the Mions too! I was reading your previous post also on RFD recipes. I'm a big fan of that cookbook as well. Everything I've tried in it has been delicious.

  9. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Your feet look so cute in those shoes. Snoopy's cute too.
    Love, Mom.

  10. Awesome pastas! And cute shoes! :)

  11. Love the shoes;
    Love the huge salad;
    Love the cute pasta.

    Happy birthday to Musty!

  12. I love your vegan footwear and Snoopy! I went to Aqua Bleu once but I don't remember if or what I ate. That was so sweet of you to get Musty fancy noodles. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUSTY!!!!


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