Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Fizzy Valentine

My love affair with fizzy water started around age 16, when I spent the summer in Italy with my parents. Did you know that in Italy, EVERY TIME you eat out they offer you either fizzy water or normal water?? It is like heaven on earth, with all that fizzy water going around. I've been back to Italy many times, and each trip only further deepens my love of fizzy water.

So, back home in the States, I started buying fizzy water. In glass bottles. From Europe. Which is really sorta ridiculous. I know this is ridiculous, because 1) our tap water is excellent right here at home 2) buying water all the way from europe? and, 3) how much am I actually just paying for the price of transporting a heavy glass jar across the ocean?

When I learned about the Soda Stream fizzy-water-maker a few years ago, I started doing some calculating. It seemed that compared to the price of buying a couple bottles of fizzy water each week, this thing would pay for itself in No Time! I think it cost about $100 when I bought it, and each time you refill the gas tank it costs about $18, but it really goes a long way. I've had it for a couple years now and I love it SO MUCH. I drink so much more water than I used to, which is really great and is the main reason I got it.

The Soda Stream is smallish, compact, doesn't plug in (it has a pressurized tank inside that carbonates the water), and is really easy to use. Just to be clear, they didn't send me one or anything, I just want to spread the good word. My brother and I got one for our dad, and my friend Gabrielle got one, and everyone I know who has one loves it. Highly recommended!

Also, if you are into soda pop, it comes with some syrups and stuff for making soda, but I am really just a fizzy water gal.


  1. you know, I had never really had fizzy water till that potluck at your house - it was so good! Then we went to Millennium for a fancy anniversary dinner and they asked us if we wanted plain or fizzy water. I had never been asked that before, but it was pretty awesome. North America needs to get on the fizzy water bandwagon!

  2. Yo Mama9:16 AM

    Thank you Amey for promoting the idea of locally-made fizz water, AND for mentioning the high, wasteful ecological cost of imported water, including bottles (most of which are thrown away)and energy used for transport. It's one of the most pointless, expensive and unnecessary food fads on earth. Personal soapbox!!

  3. I, too, love the fizzy water! I've debated the cost savings of getting one, but when I did my math, I wasn't sure it was going to be worth it. However, you've convinced me to give it a go. Plus, I hate lugging heavy seltzer bottles home from the grocery store! :)

  4. I like fizzy water, but I don't drink it very often. However, I'd love one of these to spice up my water drinking habits.

  5. The sodastream is THE BEST. I'm so glad I experienced fizzy water at your house, because this is one purchase I will so never regret!

  6. Gabrielle4:51 PM

    PS...two of my friends have bough sodastreams on my recommendation, and I'm going to buy one for my mum. :) One of my friends found something she thought would be hard (giving up alcohol due to pregnancy) no problem because fizzy water took its place.

  7. Patti8:11 AM

    It sounds like you do not filter your water. How do you know your tap water is excellent.
    The only way to be sure is to regularly test it at your tap.

    When was the last time you tested it?
    There are so many variables that can happen to make the water unsafe why take the chance. How is the water treated on a daily basis at the filtering station. The conditions of the pipes that deliver the water to your house. Your house plumping' Plastic plumbing, copper plumbing, that leaches out lead solder, old rusty decaying steel pipes all can cause unsafe water.
    It is foolish not to add a good water filtering system to the water that you drink.


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