Friday, June 28, 2013

Newsflash: A Vegan Hot Dog Worth Eating!

Back when I first went vegan, about 12 years ago, I decided to have a Veggie Dog Tasting Party. In order to determine the tastiest veggie dog out there, I invited lots of friends and neighbors, bought 7 different kinds of veggie dogs and printed up some little score cards. Everyone got to work tasting and sampling, and then we started to compare the bad news: They were all gross. There pretty much wasn't a single veggie dog I actually wanted to eat. There were 1-2 that I would be willing to eat under duress (glowing review!), but nothing I actually wanted to eat.

Maybe not a very good picture... but a very good hot dog experience!

As a result, I have not bought or eaten a veggie dog for the last 12 years. Well. All that changed when I picked up a package of the new Frankfurters from Field Roast. Friends, these frankfurters are so super yummy!!! Even Mr. Vegan Eats and Treats, who still eats actual hot dogs (I know, I know) totally loved his Frankfurter! Hell yeah! Of course, it's not a total surprise, since everything Field Roast makes is delicious and amazing. Those folks really seem to know what they are doing.

I had mine with loads of yellow mustard and a big pile of sauerkraut. It was 100% excellent: tasty, full of flavor, great texture, delicious and fun. So fun to eat such a nostalgic treat again after so many years!

hot dog glory
Each package comes with 6 hot dogs, so you can either have a big hot dog party, or put some in the freezer. The hot dog buns I got also came 6 to a pack, so I guess that's a thing. I'm not gonna start eating hot dogs every day, but I am really glad to know that there is such a delicious vegan hot dog option out there in the world. I have one left and I think I will save it for the 4th of July. 

Go get yourself a pack and then you too can scoot around the world on Hot Dog Power!


p.s. We Have a Winner!
The winner of a copy of Grills Gone Vegan is:
Jan Scholl!


  1. Thanks for the info. Do you know whether these hot dogs are GMO free? That's why we like Tofurky brand giant hot dogs for grilling. They're non-GMO Project Verified as well as tasting good.
    in Peace and Health, Nancy Andres

  2. Even this non-vegan can't stand the thought of traditional hot dogs! I was present at the very disappointing tasting many years ago ... so I'm THRILLED to know that there's now an option that has passed the taste test with flying colors.

  3. Sounds like amazing hot dogs! I just got back from the US and sadly didn't bring back any Field Roast. I must return immediately!

  4. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Newsflash: A Vegan Hot Dog Worth Eating!
    I went to the Field Roast Home page here is the list of ingredients.
    I am sorry you feel these are worth eating. Fake meats with loads of oil and salt are not healthy.
    retail food service
    61218 31218
    1440 South Jackson St. * Seattle, WA U.S.A. 98144 * 800.311.9497 * WWW.FIELDROAST.COM
    At Field Roast we believe “real” is better than fake. That’s why our old world-style vegetarian frankfurters
    are made using the simple tenets of good cooking, real ingredients and uncomplicated techniques. Fresh
    garlic, fresh onions and our own traditional blend of spices make the difference.
    Grill on the barbeque, sauté in the pan, steam in the oven or microwave to perfection, our versatile Frank-
    furters are an easy going partner in the kitchen or out on the field. We say “Frankfurters” because we
    believe it’s time for the veggie dog to come back to its roots.
    Product Information
    Filtered water,
    vital wheat gluten, expeller
    pressed safflower oil, naturally flavored yeast extract,
    organic expeller pressed
    palm fruit oil, barley malt,
    natural liquid smoke, tomato
    paste, apple cider vinegar,
    paprika, spices, onions, sea
    salt, organic wheat fl our, garlic, caraway, celery seed.
    Amount/serving %
    Total Fat
    8g 12%
    Saturated Fat 2g 10%
    Trans Fat 0g 0%
    0mg 0%
    690mg 29%
    Total Carb
    . 6g 2%
    Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
    Sugars 2g
    21g 42%
    Nutrition Facts
    Serv. Size 1 Sausage (76g)
    Servings per container 6
    Calories from fat 70
    Vitamin A 4% • Vitamin C 0%
    Calcium 0% • Iron 10%
    *Percent Daily Values (DV) are
    based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    revised 7/12
    61218 Frankfurter, Retail 12 X 16oz, 12 lbs
    31218 Frankfurter, Bulk 9 x 8 links, 12lbs
    Frozen 12 months 45 days
    38031 61218
    home page

  5. I've only eaten one type of veggie hotdog and that was from "Pink's" here in Hollywood. I really love their veggie dogs and they boil them in water separate from the regular hot dogs which is a definite bonus!
    I'll have to check the grocery store to see if they have any Frankfurters from Field Roast.

  6. I really like the tofurky dogs! The yves soy dogs are okay, but not sure if they're non gmo or not. I guess I'd settle for a tofu pup, but they're def not the best. I've heard some good stuff about the field roast ones so I'll give them a try soon!

    1. do it, they are so delicious!!

  7. Mmmmm, field roast. I agree, probably the best tasting veggie dogs on the market. I can't have them anymore because of the celiac, but glad they exist for everyone else!

  8. I can't eat them anymore since I become a gluten free vegan...but it sure looks great.

  9. I'll have to try these if i see them! i usually eat smartdogs by lightlife

    1. also are these grillable? you can't make the smartdogs on the grill, only in the microwave or boiling them.

    2. Little Monster - YES! I didn't know for sure, but tonight I grilled some up for dinner and they came out perfectly!!! Toasty and delicious and complete with grill marks!!!

  10. OMG YES! I looooove these frankfurters so much! I wish they sold them in the UK, I'm gonna bring more than one pack home next time I come to the US!

  11. Thanks! My husband has very recently gone vegetarian, and the 2 things he loves most are cheeseburgers and hotdogs, and he's worried about replacing them. He just had the morningstar ones (not vegan) and was not a fan, so I'll keep my eyes out for them!


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