Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Jambu Spirit Bootie: Vegan Shoes Review

A couple weeks ago, I got to teach an Autumn Yoga Retreat up in Graeagle, CA -- it's about 1 hour north of Truckee (Lake Tahoe). This was a part of California I hadn't ever known about and it was just SO beautiful and quiet and peaceful. The retreat went great and I am already all signed up to back again next year for more beauty and relaxation! 

We timed it just perfectly, and all the aspen trees were turning yellow, the mornings were crisp and frosty, and the afternoons were sunny t-shirt weather. It all felt so autumny! I was seriously into it! I brought along my Spirit Booties from Jambu Footwear. These are the final pair of shoes I'll be reviewing this season for Jambu, and it's been way too hot to wear them down here in Santa Cruz, so I was stoked to have a chance to put them to us. C'mon cold temps... I've got cute shoes to wear! 

As you probably know by now, this year I became a brand ambassador for Jambu Footwear, after many years of wearing and loving their shoes. They've got a really great selection of vegan shoes for women -- sporty, casual, dressy, light, super cozy, and on and on. 

Jambu Spirit Booties at Summit Lake
near Donner Pass

I mean really, just look at those cute shoes. The scenery's not so bad either! Plus, I was wearing my favorite Octopus Socks. This was the day after my retreat ended, and I went for a lovely hike with my friend Emily who had invited me to her studio. My Spirit Booties kept me cozy and happy.

In truth, these really are "booties" rather than proper hiking boots - but they did the trick just find for a casual hike! The main thing is that the laces on the Spirit Booties aren't adjustable - these shoes have a velcro flap on the outer ankle, and then they are essentially slip-on shoes. Although that rules them out for strenuous hiking when you need a very secure fit, it makes them super fun and awesome for daily wear, fun, play, work, errands, or just kickin' around with cozy feet. I usually wear a size 9, but always leaning up towards 9.5. It's my experience that this style runs on the generous side. I ordered a size 9 and still like the fit better when combined with a good substantial sock. Like my octopus socks, for example! 

We've Got Booties Spirit!

checking out the Sierra foliage!

The Spirit Bootie style is water resistant and also has really good grippy soles, so they would be good for drizzly days or unpredictable days, and for surfaces that have become wet and slippery. They feel sturdy and well-made, but at the same time they also feel like comfy slip-on sneakers. They aren't heavy at all, and they have a memory foam footbed, which is very smooshy and feels lovely.

I have pretty high arches, and often I have to add special arch supports in my shoes. So, I recognize that my arch needs are more than the arch needs of most people. I would put these shoes in the middle as far as arch support goes - more than many styles of shoes, comfortable to wear for a good long stretch, but not a main feature of the shoe. That said, I happily did a 2-hour hike in these non-hiking shoes and my feet felt great and happy from start to finish! So that's a pretty good report. 

This Spirit's Got Booty! and Booties! 

a bunch of bootie shots.
ha ha ha ha

Even though it was 97 degrees outside yesterday, I put on my long pants and heavy socks just for you, dear reader, and took a bunch more up-close pictures of my Spirit Booties.

These shoes come in Black, Brown, Tan, and Blue. Obviously I chose blue, because I know what's what. But you know, maybe you've got a different vibe going on in your life! 

In the top row, in the middle, you can clearly see the velcro flap that opens and closes to make the booties very easy to slip in and out of. (it's obviously open in that picture, so you could see how it works). 

The material is a nice quilted fabric of some sort, combined with a faux leather that seems very durable, and then the elastic lacing. As you might have seen in the earlier pictures, my booties got quite dusty on my hike, but they were easy to clean off and the materials really felt reliable and not flimsy.

Also, I wore my booties with a few different pairs of pants so you can see how they look - I think they are super cute with my yoga tights, and they will be such great shoes for days when I am teaching in the winter -- easy to pop on and off (yoga teachers are basically just putting their shoes on and taking their shoes off all day long), cozy, and cute. I also think they look cute with my so-called-skinny-pants (uncomfortable term), and with my boot-cut jeans. 

Warning: Spirit Booties may bring out your inner dork!
pics by my friend Emily!

Are these pictures just too uncool to post? ha ha. I have no shame! These sweet booties are fun and light and playful and also quite durable and warm and tough. What a nice combo. They are easy to wear, and feel sporty and comfortable. I think they would be best for feet that need to stay warm, cozy, and dry while running around town, going to work, or goofing off and having a fun day without wet toes. 

cute, comfy & cozy! 

Coupon Code for 20% Off! 
If you'd like to try these, or any of the other great vegan styles at Jambu, use the coupon code VEGAN17 for 20% off all vegan shoes on their website. Just a reminder that not all of their shoes are vegan (yet!) - so make sure you are looking at the vegan shoesLet me know if you get some, and which ones you get! If you're interested in the other styles I've reviewed recently, here are links:


  1. Amey, you are so cute! I love your sense of humor, all of the photos, the ghosty booty comment and more. Now I want a pair of these booties!

  2. I'll have to check out that company! Thanks for the heads-up!

    1. Oh my gosh, SO many cute shoes!! You'll be stoked to learn about them!

  3. Have you started construction yet on your new shoe closet? :D Seriously, I can't think of a better use of closet space than for a new wardrobe of Jambu shoes. The words, "water resistant" caught my attention, since living in Seattle, that is something I look for. I haven't tried my newest Jambus in the wet, yet, but I sure hope they are up to the task.

    1. Andrea, YES. The shoe closet is definitely filling up!! I'm going to bring my big fuzzy Wingate boots to NYC next week to keep my feet toasty. Do you have good rain shoes that you wear in Seattle? I have a pair of Sorel shoes that are actual Rain Boots for when I have to walk my dogs when it's really raining. Water resistant is good for drizzle, but sometimes you need a proper boot!

  4. Amey, your reviews are always so great! Your enthusiasm is contagious and I always end up wanting whatever it is you are reviewing! Lucky for me (and my budget), I do have some restraint. But these booties are cute, they sound comfy and would be great for New England. I also love all of your photos and drawings! Thank you for making me smile.

    1. ha ha! Such a sweet comment - thank you!

  5. Your doodles are just too cute Amey!


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