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Woodland Sandals by JBU : Vegan Summertime Sandals!

It's a perfect match!!

These Woodland sandals are the last pair of vegan spring-summer shoes I'll be reviewing from Jambu this season, and they're perfect to come last in my line up of reviews because they are so nice for warm weather! 

These Woodland shoes, by JBU by Jambu, are great little summertime frolicking sandals.  I really appreciate that they're designed with several criss-crossing straps, in order to provide some stability, without looking clunky or excessively sporty. I mean, I love my Chacos as much as the next gal, but sometimes I don't want to look like I just walked home from the campfire. Ha ha! The navy blue material on these shoes is a sturdy faux suede (lined with equally sturdy and smooth faux leather). The flowery straps are elastic, so the shoes have a nice amount of stretch and give as you bop along. 

I've been wearing these shoes a lot lately, especially now that it's warming up here. I finally got around to taking some pictures when Mr. VE&T and I took our dogs for a walk down in Capitola, a cute little seaside city a few minutes from our house. As you'll see, it's officially springtime here, and everything is blooming! It's so beautiful. As soon as we got out of the car, we saw these delicate little purple and white flowers that perfectly matched the cute little flowers on the Woodland sandals. So cute. 

on the secret path

There's a secret little path you can take, and it goes right along the river front before the river meets the ocean. There are so many nice houses there with flowers everywhere. The dogs love this path because it's full of interesting smells (so they tell me!) and we love it because it's so beautiful.

The Woodland sandals are great for warm-weather antics, feeling summery, going to picnics, and having fun. There is a side strap by the outer ankle that secures the sandal to your liking. This is perfect for a comfortable day time shoe - but not as fully personalizable as some sandals that are purposefully designed for hiking or active outdoor wear. 

The soles are made partially with recycled materials (yeah!) and they have good traction and are sporty and functional, without feeling bulky or heavy. The insoles are made with memory foam and are really comfortable. If you have special foot needs (high arches, fallen arches, etc), these probably won't provide sufficient support for all-day touristy trekking or day hikes. But for the rest of our feet - I think you'll be happy with these summer sandals. 

bopping along! 

oh, hello!
it was chilly out, with only a bunch of seagulls on the beach that day.
Nary a tourist in sight! 

In my experience, the Woodland sandals are true to size - I wear a size 9, and these fit me perfectly in a size 9. They come in four colors: black, red, taupe, & navy blue. I picked navy blue, of course. They also come in sizes from 6 to 11, so (almost) everyone can enjoy them. Except for a few *unmentioned and beloved* women in my family who wear size 12 and 13. I am so lucky to be a size 9!

I really love that these sandals feel sporty and casual, as well as feminine and cute all at once! I've worn them with a skirt, with pants, with shorts, and with my usual professional wardrobe of yoga tights. They look cute with all those choices! They're not overtly glam with rhinestones or overly practical with 2-inch black straps either. Such a nice balance! I also feel like it has been hard over the years to find good vegan sandal options, beyond basic flip flops. I'm so glad that's finally changing! 

hip hip hooray! 

Jambu and its sub-brands JBU and JSport have so many great vegan shoes for women, and several of the vegan styles are also on sale right now! Some of the vegan styles are super sporty, others are more dressy, more feminine, dressy, practical... they have quite a range.

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If you're curious to see the other styles I've reviewed this season, I'll link to my posts below - or just head over to their site to see all your vegan shoe options! After over 17 years of veganism, it still feels like such a treat to have so many vegan shoes on the market. I'm so grateful! Let me know if you order any and which style you picked out!

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I am a brand ambassador for Jambu's vegan line of shoes, and so I receive these shoes in exchange for doing an honest review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own! Thank you Jambu! 

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