Monday, March 12, 2018

Jambu Jackie Too Shoes: Super Shoes!

I thought this barrel cactus needed some bunny ears! ha ha.
This picture is from a hike we took at Joshua Tree National Park. What an incredible place! 

Wow! I am so in love with my new Jackie Too sneakers from JambuThe more I wear them, the more I love them! I took them with me on a trip down to the desert last week - I wore them on a couple super hot days, and also on a day when the weather got pretty cool. I brought several pairs of shoes with me on my trip, but in the morning, I'd try them all on and I almost always picked my Jackie Toos because they are just so comfortable! 

I chose the Jackie Too shoes in Charcoal/Mint. They mostly appear a nice deep grey color, but as the knit exterior stretches, you can see little bits of minty green peeking through from underneath. And there's also a minty green stripe along the bottom. 

It's the super cool knit exterior that really makes these shoes. It's airy and breathable and very comfortable. It's also more reinforced around the toe area, so the shoes feel durable. The Jackie Too sneakers have memory foam insoles, like many styles from Jambu. I love the memory foam insoles because they feel so good.

High Fives!
Sometimes Dottie gets overly excited about "high fives" and just wants to bonk me with her nose instead. I love how Snoopy is completely airborne in this picture! What joie de vivre!

The knit fabric of these sneakers makes them cozy and breathable at the same time. This is a nice combo, because they're comfortable to wear for a cool sunset beach walk with my puffer on, and on a hot day with shorts and a tee -- from the sea to the desert! So versatile!

My happy feet and a Jumping Cholla cactus in Joshua Tree National Park
I really love cactus plants so much. They are so resilient and creative in their adaptations. And they are oddly beautiful. I was careful not to get too close - I didn't want to snag my beloved sneakers! 

They don't have laces, but instead the Jackie Too shoes are adjustable with the little pull tab in front.  It's easy to get them on and off, and it's easy to get them as snug as I want. It's so great to just pull them on and go when I'm heading out the door to teach -- particularly since I am almost inevitably running a few minutes late! 

When we were walking our dogs at the beach, we scrambled up on to a big rock to watch the final pastel glimpses of the sunset. It always feels special to be at the beach late when there are so few other people or dogs there.

I was stoked at how safe I felt scrambling up the rocks at the beach and on our hike in Joshua Tree National Park - the Jackie Too sneakers have pretty grippy soles, and even though the knit fabric is so comfortably stretchy, my feet also feel really secure and snug in the shoe, so I felt quite sure-footed.

These shoes are more athleisure than designed for any specific athletic pursuits, but they are obviously super comfy and great for kicking around town, long walks, easy hikes, and having fun! Highly recommended!!

Jump for Joy! 
** Save 20%! **

Happily, I have a coupon to share with you from my pals at Jambu! Use the coupon code VEGAN18 to get 20% off any purchase at Note that not all the shoes Jambu makes are vegan, but they have a really great selection of vegan shoes for women - everything from sporty sandals, dressy shoes, sneakers, boots, and more. So many great choices for vegans who like cute and comfy vegan shoes!

Let me know if you get some - maybe we can be shoe-twinsies!!

Joshua Tree is a truly incredible place! 


  1. Cool shoes and beautiful surroundings! How wonderful to live near such a variety of special outdoor places!

    1. I feel super lucky to live in California so close to the ocean! But, to be fair, we had to drive for 8 hours to reach the desert!

    2. Ah, 8 hours is quite a trek!

  2. I wish I could get these shoes here! I have weird feet, and I can't buy shoes without trying them on. But they look so awesome and comfy. I love how they go high up over the top of your foot - good sun protection!


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