Monday, November 12, 2018

World's Most Coziest Slipper-Shoes: Graham Shoes by Jambu


Oh my goodness. These shoes were like love at first sight... love at first wear? I have been wanting something like this for so long! These are the vegan Graham shoes from Jambu Footwear. They're meant to be wearable as proper outdoor shoes, but they are also perfectly awesome for around-the-house slippers. Let me tell you all about my new beloved cozy-cozy shoes:

These are slipper-style shoes with a very cute knit fabric on the outside. As you can see, there are faux suede straps across the tops. The top strap is adjustable, to some degree, but I haven't felt any need to mess with it since I took my shoes out of the box. Inside, the shoes are lined with fleece-y fuzz. These shoes are like a magical hybrid of your favorite flip-flops, Ugg boots, and comfy house slippers. The insoles are made with lovely memory foam and feel super comfortable to wear... and then the outer soles are really rugged and substantial. 

I seriously cannot stop wearing these shoes. We've been having some funny autumn weather - with very chilly mornings and evenings, and hot afternoons. I don't usually love chilly weather, but now I am super happy when it's cool enough for me to wear my favorite little cozies. I teach in the morning a few days a week, and I love popping these Graham shoes on as I rush out the door. I'm almost always pushing it a little, schedule-wise, and I love having such a warm, cute, and comfy shoe that I can just slip on and dash out. Sometimes I even bring along my flip flops in case the sun comes out while I'm teaching! ha ha. I'd rather be prepared and have toasty feet when it's cool than suffer through the chill with my flip flops on! 

happy feet! 

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go! 

These shoes are so comfortable to wear. Even though they feel like slippers on the inside, they act like proper shoes on the outside. They feel great for errands and dog walks - and they're so cute to boot! I always get compliments on them when I'm out and about wearing them. I think all those people are just jealous that their feet aren't as cozy as mine! 

The Graham shoes come in 4 different colors: blue (like mine), grey, brown, and black. On the black ones, the fleece lining is also black. I ordered these in a size 9, and the fit is snug. I think that's partly because of the fleece lining. I like the way mine fit, but if you're between sizes, or if you want to be able to wear socks with your shoes, I think you might want to go up a half-size. 

hometown hygge

Although I wear these all the time when I'm off to teach and do errands... I also wear them all the time around the house. I wear them when I'm cozying up on the sofa with Snoopy, when I'm cooking in the kitchen, when I'm working on my blog (like right now!!), when I'm doing my yoga studies... They are just the ultimate around-the-house shoes. They will keep your feet so happy!! 

your feet will be so cozy that they will need their very own cup of hot cocoa and big bowl of soup. 

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I think most of you know by now that I am a brand ambassador for Jambu's line of vegan shoes for women. Jambu makes a huge range of vegan styles - from winter boots to stylish boots to sandals and sneakers. (Remember that not all of their shoes are vegan though, so be sure to stick to the vegan shoes section of their site). 

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  1. I love the shoes, but please tell me about your bag/tote, too! Where did you get it? It looks really cute, and I've been looking for a good tote bag. Thanks! Cee

    1. Hi Cee! I love that tote! Unfortunately, it's several years old. One of my besties got it for me from Anthropologie. It's a reversable tote in faux leather. I just checked their site and didn't see it there anymore. :( Boo! Good luck <3

  2. I love these. I looked on Jambu website but can't find them. Where did you buy yours?

    1. Oh I hope you can track them down! I got them from the Jambu website. Try a search for "Jambu Graham" I am wearing mine right now. I seriously love them so much.

  3. They are out of stock right now and won't have them until August 2019!


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