Wednesday, January 26, 2011

India: What I'll Miss, What I Won't Miss (Food Edition)

Won't Miss:

* seeing all the street dogs in the street, looking hungry or lonely or sick. It makes me sad. But I have bought some big bags of dog food, and I carry a bunch around with me every day. My goal is to empty out my purse-supply at least once a day. Yes, I know street dogs aren't food... but I also know that furry friends are allowed on vegan blogs. At least, on my vegan blog.

the amazingly tiny cloves of garlic here. peeling them is a nasty chore! Each one is about the size of a peanut! It is so annoying!

having only two little burners in our kitchen, and a very very sparse collection of dishes to cook with. I can't wait to have all 4 burners and all my favorite gagdets... and even just a nice pot and a proper spoon! Still though, i must admit that this one little burner of ours can seriously boil some water FAST.

drinking GMO soy milk with "natural flavors".

Will Miss:

eating tropical fruit everyday - bananas, papayas, watermelons, pineapples...

especially the mini bananas, which are so super delicious and perfectly sized and cute

going out for delicious Indian food at least once a day and having it only cost $2-3

snuggling the street dogs and giving them dog food

drinking fresh lime soda every meal: sparkling water, fresh lime juice, a little bit of sugar syrup. Mmmm.

having the fruit and veggie vendors all over the place, even walking right past our house many times a day. It's so convenient... and you can buy fresh every day! I will most definitely miss having the fruits and veggies guys walking right by my house.

Awesome spice shops! Vast supplies of salty snacks! Countless new flavors to enjoy!

<3 Overall, you can see that my "will miss" list is longer than my "won't miss" list... I love India, even with its tiny cloves of garlic!


  1. Haha, the tiny cloves of garlic cracked me up! I can see how fresh tropical fruit and veggies every day would be enough of a pro to beat our the garlic cloves.

  2. Bliss Doubt1:06 PM

    Hey, you can make that fresh lime-aid at home! Yum.

    I love the dog pics.

    I've been wondering about garlic for the last two to three years now, stateside. I used to find the big white bulbs of garlic with big cloves on them everywhere. Then I started seeing smaller bulbs, which, as you point out, are more work, as well as more of the purple stripey garlic, which I don't care for because it squirts when you smash it, and now only the fancy expensive grocery store reliably has the big white garlic. I wonder if there was some radical shift in where garlic is grown and shipped from in the last few years. Dang multinational agribusiness, ruining my kitchen.

  3. I hope to get there someday myself. Glad to know you ate well as a vegan. Thanks for giving the street pups some love. You are a wonderful person for that.

  4. Ah, India! Glad you had such a nice time (have you left yet, or leaving soon?)

    The picture of you feeding the dog makes me so happy. It ripped my heart out daily to see all the pups on the street when I visited India.

  5. I am sharing all of your "from India" posts with my boyfriend who loves the food.
    He asked the other day, "How often is too often for me to eat Indian food?" to which I replied, "Well..Indian people eat it every day..."
    Lucky you to be enjoying (most of) it. Lime soda sounds incredibly refreshing; I'd love to try making that!

  6. Alfio A. Pisano3:21 AM

    I'm actually in Bangalore for working stuff... I'm completely agree with you.
    Really a true story..

    I'll miss you India!

  7. Ahh, It's so sad about the dogs.
    I experienced the same, but with cats in cyprus when I was little
    The streets are full of them, it's heartbreaking.
    I was only 10, but I remember bringing some up to our hotel room and feeding them(my mum wasn't too pleased)
    At least you gave them some love

  8. Thank you for giving the street dogs some food and love! You are so sweet for doing that. I haven't been to India yet but will remember your story when I do...

  9. Such great lists! Now, I really want to make some lime soda.

    Tiny cloves of garlic would absolutely drive me insane!

  10. what Jen said. you're my hero...


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