Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Indian Beverages I Enjoy

Maaza: MANGO! It's almost like pure mango juice, except it's got added sugar and water (and some other crap too!). Still it feels more like juice than soda. It's especially good with a little club soda mixed in.

Limca: The citrusy soda of India. My friend Geraldine first showed me the glory of Limca. I've found it in a few Indian grocers at home, but it's a special treat when I'm here in India. My pal Jane has discovered that you can make Limca even better by slightly diluting it with club soda and adding a generous squeeze of fresh limes. We really go through the limes around here. We will not return home with scurvy.

Appy Fizz: A fizzy appley juice-soda beverage. Kind of like sparkling apple juice, with just a bit more sugar added.

Kinley & Dukes: CLUB SODA. When it is really hot and you have been doing lots of yoga, a little sparkly water really does the soul good. Ever since we discovered that we can recycle our plastic bottles, we have been treating ourselves to club soda (aka "Plain Soda") with increasingly regularity.

Soy Milk!: Last but not least. This is our favorite brand, though it is not easy to find. Here, you can see that we have resorted to buying tiny snack-sized cartons of it. It's good because it's only soy beans and water - no sugar, no "natural flavors," (ick). Every once in a while, if we've already gone out for a big lunch, and we're home from a class late, we'll just have a big bowl of granola with soy milk and baby bananas for dinner. Ahhh... just like home.


  1. Hi Amey--I love reading about your travels and food. I have been wanting to study yoga in India, would you mind sharing the name of where you are studying? Namaste!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a blog award post on my blog this morning.

    Thanks for your great posts!

    Kristi Arnold


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