Saturday, September 05, 2015

VeganMoFo Day5: Mouf Full of Yum

Today's MoFo Prompt: "Best Sandwich Ever"

Boy, this was a hard challenge! I mean, the "best sandwich ever" is probably just the one I am currently eating. Everyone knows that sandwiches are pretty much one of the best things ever.

from left to right, in my imagination:
some of my favorites for sure... which I have blogged about with love and affection

Over the years of my sandwich-eating life, I have eaten and enjoyed so many exceptional sandwiches. In my pre-gan days, in rural Italy, there was a little shop that prepared us sandwiches with a fresh roll, a few pieces of sharp cheese, a few slices of tomato, and a few leaves of basil. In the heat of the Italian summer, with perfectly fresh and flavorful ingredients, and the budget of an art student, those sandwiches were so special.

Growing up, grilled cheese and PB&J sandwiches were always my favorites. I consider it a great gift of the vegan nostalgia gods that PB&J is naturally vegan. It took a few years, but these days it's also not hard for me to cook up a vegan grilled cheese sandwich that satisfies me gastronomically and emotionally. In fact, when I thought of the "best sandwich ever," three sandwiches came to mind right away: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Grilled Cheese, and the Herbed Tofu Sandwich from The Real Food Daily Cookbook

First, I went with the classic PB&J. I toasted the bread, used the best peanut butter (I'm on team crunchy), great grape jelly, and enjoyed a nice little PB&J experience. That was a good sandwich, worthy of mention. But, in my heart of hearts, I knew this was not a contender for The World's Best Sandwich.

So, I got back in the kitchen, and cracked open The Real Food Daily Cookbook...

perfect grill marks

The Real Food Daily Cookbook was one of the first vegan cookbooks that I really fell in love with. I always wonder why this excellent book doesn't get more attention. Even after so many years, and after so many (wonderful) new cookbooks on my shelves, these Herbed Tofus are one of my favorite tofu preparations ever. Usually I make a double batch, because the marinade goes a long way, and I am always stoked to have more yummy tofus sitting around in my fridge waiting to be eaten. Y'know? 

The Supplies: Tofus, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Baby Arugula, Grilled Red Onions, Yummy Bread

A lot of times I also add grilled summer squash to this sandwich, but I decided to stick with the recipe as it was written for this occasion. That sundried tomato pesto is so good and so easy. It's basically just that you make pesto with basil, and then you also add a bunch of sundried tomatoes that have been soaked in hot water for a little while. I know it's not really very pretty to look at, but I assure you, it is pretty to eat.

My beloved.

A lot of times, a good sandwich can become a great sandwich with just the right circumstance: a picnic with a special person, an especially good tomato, a memorable travel experience, or even just an avid appetite. All that said, this fine recipe from The RFD Cookbook does not depend on circumstance in order to be fantastic... It sure is nice to have a reliable sandwich friend! 


  1. I used to love the marinated tofu at Real Food Daily, but I've never made the recipe in the cookbook even though I own it. I have to try it now!

  2. That tofu looks perfect, I wish I was munching on a delicious sandwich right now! I totally agree about memories influencing your fave foods be that sammies or not!

  3. "I consider it a great gift of the vegan nostalgia gods that PB&J is naturally vegan." Don't you mean the noshtalgia gods? ;)

    I own the RFD cookbook but admittedly use it only rarely -- you've inspired me to crack it open more often!

  4. You are correct, the best sandwich is often the one I am eating at the time. ;) Sandwiches are so great!

    I am definitely on team crunchy as well when it comes to PB, though my jam preference is strawberry.

  5. That certainly looks like a good sandwich; yum! :)

  6. Interesting about the lack of attention for RFD. I recently went to the restaurant and had their tempeh bacon. I have the book but haven't made the bacon, yet, like Cadry posted. Must do so now!

    Zsu @ Zsu's Vegan Pantry

  7. team crunchy member signing in! And grill marks make every sandwich extra awesome I say.

  8. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Ooo I've gone to the smooth side with raspberry jam -though today I had date paste with peanut butter thanks to a tip from Claire at LittleVeganBear!

  9. Sandwiches never were a thing for me. I always thought they were boring and not really something to write home about. But then I got Celine's/ Tami's Sandwich book and understood how sandwiches are appreciated in other countries. Since then I am sold. I also love tofu on mine.

  10. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I love the Real Food Daily Cookbook. It surprises me how underrated it is. Have you made the seitan tacos from it yet? A friend served those to me about a year ago, and they were so good that I bought the book the very next day!


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